What’s new in iOS 9?

Apple released the latest iOS on September 16th. As of today, a week later, iOS 9 has been installed on 52% of devices. This is the fastest adoption rate of all the iOS releases so far. Let’s look at some of the best new features it has to offer.


The Notes app has always been a stripped back notepad to quickly jot down your thoughts and ideas – but not much else. With iOS 9, notes has become more intricate, allowing you to create checklists, add photo thumbnails, add website URL thumbnails and even draw sketches with your finger. Some users may already have 3rd party apps such as Trello or Evernote as part of their note-taking workflow and not be intrigued enough to start using Notes. Regardless, Notes is still useful for quick and simple note taking and these new features add a significant dynamic to the previously bare-bones app.


Now on iPad there are a few new interface features that allow you to see two apps running at the same time – so no more awkwardly flicking between two apps during your workflow. ‘Slide Over’ let you slide a portion of an app over your current app for quick access. ‘Split View’ lets you open two apps side by side – great for work and research. And ‘Picture in Picture’ which lets you scale down a video to the corner of your display, allowing you use a second app while the video plays.

Improved Siri

Along with more accurate voice recognition, Siri is a lot smarter than before. Siri is now context sensitive whilst you are inside an app. For example, you could be looking at a news article in Safari and then tell Siri to ‘Remind me about this when I get home’. Once home you’ll have a reminder to look at that website. Along with new requests you can ask Siri, one request includes specifying a specific part of your photo album to look at. For example you can ask ‘Show me photos I took in Montreal last year’.

General Improvements

The operating system has been made more efficient to gain an extra hour of battery life, and a new ‘Low Power’ mode can be turned on to conserve battery life even longer. As for the visual experience iOS 9 now takes advantage of Metal, making for a smoother graphic experience across all apps. And also a significant update is a new font called ‘San Fransisco’ which has been created by Apple to improve readability for users.