watchOS 2 – What’s new?

Originally set for release on September 16th, the latest watchOS was delayed at the last minute due to a bug. From September 21st, watchOS 2 has been available for download. Here we’ll look at some of the new features.


New faces

There are new faces that users can pick of beautiful 24 hour time lapses of selected cities around the world. Alternatively you can pick a photo album as your watch face, so that when you raise your wrist you are met with a different image each time.


Nightstand Mode

The Apple Watch can now act as a digital nightstand clock while you sleep. Just connect the watch to the charger and place it on its side to activate this mode. When your alarm goes off in the morning you can press the Digital Crown to snooze and the side button to turn off the alarm completely.


Native running Apps

Apps can now run natively on the watch, meaning faster loading times and more advanced functionality from these apps. Developers can now make native watch apps that take advantage of all the sensors on the watch including the Digital Crown, taptic engine, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, speaker and microphone.

This opens up the potential for developers to make some incredibly useful apps on the Apple Watch, rather than having the watch simply be a screen to display information.


Time travel

The Digital Crown has more capabilities than just zooming in and out. While the watch face is displayed you can ‘Time Travel’ by rotating the crown. You’ll see events up to 72 hours in the future or the past. These events include calendar events, weather and news headlines.

At the moment the default ‘complications’ on display may not feel very useful, but in future a third-party app may make better use of this feature.


Email Replies

You can now quickly reply to emails you view on your watch. You can reply by selected from a set of preset messages or use voice dictation to write out a message. This is great for when you are on the go and don’t want to get your phone out to write out a quick reply to a message.