User experience and why App developers have to get it right

User experience, or UX as it’s become affectionately known, is a buzz word we’ve heard a lot this year. UX has become a key factor online, often dictating the success of brands and entire campaigns. So what can you do to ensure that you are delivering the smoothest UX to customers and why is it important?

Well, there are actually a hundred reasons to make sure you master UX, but here are the three big ones for us.

Assume users WANT your products and services

It is important as always to remain assumptive with your sales processes and this is no different with your online and apps. We often hear people discussing a ‘call to action’ or ‘CTA’, this is often a box you can click on the site or app that is prominent and serves a direct purpose; often in the form of delivering a benefit in return for a user registering an interest.

The best advice here is to ask you to put yourself in the seat of a potential user. These days we are encouraged to create content to appeal to multiple audiences, so ensure that you leave breadcrumbs along the way for your audiences as well. Some will be interested in purchasing products today, others could just be browsing or researching for later purchases etc. So offering additional options such as pricing guides, downloadable resources, offers and white papers etc. is an excellent step to take.

Quick and easy

Today’s mobile users are fickle and don’t like to be slowed down in their user experience. Although we set out with the best of intentions, tweaks, suggestions and amendments all have a part to play in slowing down UX or affecting the overall performance of your app.

Remember to take stock of a development and if it has been running a while, arrange a monthly session whereby you simply brainstorm everyone’s suggestions and ideas for scaling back or improving performance. You will already have an idea as to the impact on development, functionality and overall smoothness any further developments or suggested changes will have, so pick together wisely which steps to take and remain focused on delivering a solid and enjoyable, consistent UX.

Listen to the marketplace

We’ve had a quick Google around on some UX related terms and turned up plenty of useful information in regards to popular ideas and trends. These are always a good place to start and if you haven’t yet ‘had’ the next best idea, this could definitely provide the spark.

To finish this article, we have included three design and trend tips from our market place this year:

  • Layered interfaces are extremely popular, so play with them and try new things. This adds a hierarchy almost to a users activity without ever allowing them to completely leave a trail of thought. Previous windows, products and items of interest simply move backwards and sit behind any more recent windows or pages the user has viewed.
  • Use spacing,  not lines – empty space serves as a better divider these days than an excess of lines.
  • Think about what 80% of your users will favour most in terms of the tools and features available within the app. Avoid the trap of trying to satisfy every possible user with a multitude of features.