Improve You Workout


The ‘Improve You Workout’ team wanted to translate their popular workout regime into an easily accessible mobile app to satisfy the demand from their current customers. They wanted the app to be a complete solution for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced users. We aimed to fit all of the many exercises and nutrition information into the app in the most user friendly way possible, with a clean design and intuitive workflow. They also wanted instructional exercise videos to be installed with the app so that they could be viewed offline.

Key Features

• 60 exercise videos – optimised for offline playback
• 3 levels of expertise – beginner, intermediate and advanced
• 9 months worth of nutrition and fitness plans
• Ability to set alarms to remind you when to have meals
• Clean and intuitive design
• Easy to follow fitness plans
• Exercises divided by muscle groups
• Nutrition guide with comprehensive breakdown of calories

The Client

Improve You Workout are a team of professionals with varying backgrounds in the sports, fitness and nutrition industries with a passion for all things health, muscle and fitness related. Based in the UK.

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