Focus SB Roomview



Focus SB wanted to embrace augmented reality technology to bring a new level of engagement to their extensive catalogue of electrical accessories. They wanted an app which would allow users to take a photo of a room and be able to superimpose an image of one of their products on top. The user would have access to a large range of their products and be able to easily switch between them to quickly find a style that suited their room. The app would encourage users to save their favourite products and easily be able to contact Focus SB if they wanted to purchase an item.

Key Features

• Augmented reality function to superimpose products over photos
• Save your favourite products to a gallery
• Zoom in and out of the photo with product superimposed
• Email the superimposed image with product name attached
• Contact the Focus SB sales from a tap of a button
• Includes 16 products and 85 different finishes 

The Client

Focus SB is a UK based company that manufactures electrical accessories for residential and commercial interiors. They design and manufacture everything in their UK hub in Hastings. 


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