The future of mobile apps – where are we headed?

Here’s a an interesting thought for you. The modern smartphone is now 7 years old.

7 years is not a long time, especially when you consider what has been achieved and how far we have come since then. Smartphones are now on par with the computing power of a desktop computer. And even though they are getting sleeker and thinner than their earlier models, manufacturers are still managing to increase their computational abilities year after year.

Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything… Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone.” – Steve Jobs 2007

On January 9th 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone to the world’s eagerly waiting media, and he was right, Apple was set to completely redefine the phone.

It’s fair to say that since that moment, the entire face of not just one, but several industries had to fundamentally change their way of thinking, evolve and even adopt entirely new approaches. The music industry, already enjoying the success of iTunes, was now more popular than ever and was set to grow in popularity even further. Never before had music been in such high demand and so easily accessible. Several other industries followed suit, adopting the technology available to them to increase the ease of access and popularity of their products, services and solutions.

We as developers are intrinsic in this process and I believe that it is our job to be at the forefront of this advancement. Constantly advising, listening and developing solutions that help to solve our user’s problems – however large and small they may be. 

When Steve Jobs approached a problem, he never approached it with a budget in mind, or any restriction on his vision. He simply dreamed it and went to work trying to create it. When we develop apps, we should adopt the same mindset. Just because something is often ‘done a certain way’, doesn’t mean it is the right one, or indeed that there isn’t a better way. 

App development is critical to countless industries worldwide today. We use apps to manage finance, on a personal and a global scale. Apps effectively cut costs and drive efficiency into the NHS, local government, banks and more. It is our job as developers to keep dreaming up the ideas that could take us all into another 7 years of innovation and technological progress.