Portsmouth Expo 2013


About a month ago we exhibited at the Portsmouth Business Expo at the Pyramids Centre. We had decided we wanted to bring more awareness to our brand within the local area, and we felt this trade show was a great opportunity to do so. The price of exhibiting was reasonable, and the organisers had a good track record with previous events so we were happy to go ahead with it.

Memo Events were the organisers behind the Portsmouth Business Expo, and they did a fantastic job. They marketed the event well, and were very helpful to us as exhibitors. They even organised a special workshop for exhibitors before the event to give advice on how to get the best out of your stand, and how to bring in those important sales leads.

The day itself was great fun – talking to lots of different people and trying to express what our company was all about. Our website views increased significantly on the day, which shows that people are actively taking part in the trade show.

So far we’ve had two leads from the show follow through and we are hoping that in the months ahead someone who we met at the expo will give us a call at some point to discuss a project with us.

The next local event that Memo Events are organising is the Southampton Business Show on 7th November 2013.