Business Process Optimisation – Mobile Applications And Increasing Efficiency

Process optimisation is all about exactly that. Speeding up your internal processes exponentially to generate higher end results and maximise efficiency.

It could be as simple as a quotation platform for workers to access on site and send new business orders or quotations direct back to the office. Or maybe a HR app designed to help improve efficiency and increase overall understanding and coherence during health and safety events, evacuations etc.

The long and short of it is that we see thousands of practical ideas for apps in business, we’ve even been responsible for quite a few! But that list is always growing and there are always new ideas and ways of improving upon existing systems.

Ask the people most important to you what they think…

Sometimes it is the most obscure areas of your business and not the glaringly obvious ones that desperately need some application based optimisation. Payroll and accounting are good places to start, sales and marketing always have a few great ideas and then of course, there is always HR. Speaking to your staff regularly, arranging buzz sessions and allowing them to contribute suggestions and ideas is imperative to overall success.

Roadmap your processes

Roadmapping is not a new concept and to a degree we all have a basic understanding of the business processes that apply to us and how best to go about getting something done. But how often do you take a process or area of your business and lay it all out on the table for discussion?

Sometimes a department is so stuck in their ways that they can hold up an entire process, slowing the end resolution and result for all involved needlessly. Exploring ways to ‘loosen the joints’ and allow for some flexibility in your working can turn up the most cost effective and powerful suggestions.

Test, test and test again

It doesn’t matter how good it looks or how much a few people like it, leaving that forum open for ongoing edits and suggestions is crucial. The operative word here is ‘effectiveness’ and thats what you need to champion throughout the process, way past production and implementation.

Applications that are designed with business process optimisation in mind are set to be commonplace throughout businesses for many years to come. We are mobile by nature in business today with the rise of smart phones and tablets, so optimising processes by developing great mobile applications should be a ‘must’ for any forward thinking business owner in 2014 /2015 and beyond.