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Biggest announcements at Google I/O 2014


Rivalling Apple’s WWDC 14 conference only a few weeks before, Google have made some big announcements of their own. Here is a round up of new developments in the world of Google and Android. Continue reading →

What’s new in iOS 8?

Exciting news – Apple have announced iOS 8 and there are a lot of great features to look forward to with its public release planned for the fall. Its release should coincide with the launch of the new iPhone 6, which is another thing to get excited about if you are a big Apple fan like us.

Here is a summary of some new features to look forward to.

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Portsmouth Expo 2013


About a month ago we exhibited at the Portsmouth Business Expo at the Pyramids Centre. We had decided we wanted to bring more awareness to our brand within the local area, and we felt this trade show was a great opportunity to do so. The price of exhibiting was reasonable, and the organisers had a good track record with previous events so we were happy to go ahead with it.

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Native Apps vs Web Apps


Choosing the right mobile app strategy is one of the first decisions for your business’s entry into the world of mobile apps. For someone new to this technology it can be confusing to pick what’s best for your product/business, so in this blog we’re hoping to show you what options you have.

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With the upcoming announcement of iOS 7 in June at Apple’s WWDC conference, industry analysts can’t agree on whether Apple will include NFC (near field communication) technology into their phones. For those not in the ‘know’, NFC is the collective term used for the technology used in contactless payment cards which other phone manufacturers have included in their handsets for the last year or two.

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Theme my Screen


One of our latest collaborations, Theme My Screen is your one-stop shop for themed wallpaper for all of your Mac devices. We were approached by its creators Sam and Matt, who have already established their online presence with the Theme My Screen website. They needed our help to extend their service on to the iOS market as an iPhone app.

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