About us

Fivestar Apps Ltd

With a focus on creating amazing apps, Fivestar is a growing influence in the mobile app sector for corporate business and regulated industries. As BYOD practices increase and businesses see the potential for mobile apps to improve internal business efficiencies, we continue to hone our expertise in these areas to deliver the best possible apps to SMEs and enterprise sized businesses.

Today in 2017, we see a strong future in mobile technology as smart phone applications continue to become more intelligent and diversify across different platforms such as iOS and Android. From our beginnings of developing  desktop apps, to websites and then now to mobile apps, we have developed a very well rounded set of skills and expert understanding of software and backend integration across many platforms.

We specialise in creating high quality mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablets. With a tight knit team of dedicated in-house designers, developers and project managers, we consistently deliver polished and engaging apps that excel beyond the expectations of our clients.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our apps and offer bespoke services for different business needs. Whether you need a simple utility app, a time sheet app integrated with your company’s database or a complex augmented reality app to advertise a new product, we can help you turn your app idea into a reality.

About Fivestar Apps

Fivestar Apps have enabled us to develop our business strategy with the help of their services and creative ideas. We are particularly excited around what Fivestar are doing with iBeacon technology in the corporate work space. The team are easy to work with and their extensive knowledge on this area means we are able to trust their opinion and lead to successful outcomes.Adrian Klingenberg - Technical Director of Mobliciti
We use Fivestar as our first choice for any technical work. Their tenacity knowledge and communication is exactly what we need as a digital agency. They are our first choice for development work and we have a long term relationship with them because they always deliver.Andy Doyle - Director of We Heart Digital
I’ve been working with Fivestar for years now and they have consistently met my expectations and more on every project. They are always professional and efficient in their approach and I highly recommend them.Paul Adam - Director of CSS Services
Dave and the team are just brilliant to work with. The experience of developing with them is both pleasurable and educational – even with a vague brief they will create something that exceeds expectation. I’d be more than happy to recommend them.Elliot Richmond - Director of Square One

why choose us?

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    The whole team at Fivestar follow the latest developments in mobile technology and trends to produce the most innovative apps we possibly can.

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    We do not outsource work overseas. We keep everything in the UK, meaning UK working hours and clear communication throughout our projects.

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    We think beyond the scope of projects. We consider the scalability and future-proofing of the apps we make, to save you money and time in the future.

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    We are always looking for ways to use the latest innovative technology and mobile functionality (like iBeacons for example) to deliver beyond our client’s expectations.

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    Working many years in software development across different platforms has given our development team expertise in understanding complex backend integration.

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    We always aim to make a perfect user experience with every app we create. We know how to design apps to maximise user retention and user satisfaction.  


Our process

  • 1. SCOPING

    We are very thorough in scoping out projects so that we can give you an accurate cost and time schedule. We also use this opportunity to figure out the best mobile platform for your needs. During this time we also consider the scalability of your app to ease development and design costs on future iterations.


    We use an online project management tool called ‘Trello’ which we have found to be the most flexible and user friendly software to manage projects. Once a project begins, we will create a ‘board’ for your project where you will be able to see our progress and add feedback at any time.


    Creating a fluid user experience in your app is always a priority for us. We use this stage to focus on the navigation and features of the app, so that we know we have something that will maximise user retention and satisfaction. We use professional mockup tools to expedite this process.

  • 4. DESIGN

    If there are any particular branding guidelines for your company, we will blend them into the app design at this stage while still adhering to the platform conventions of typical mobile apps. This way, the app will feel familiar for new users and make adoption much more successful.


    We are able to develop apps natively or cross platform, depending on the requirements of your app. We can advise you on the most effective solution to work with your budget and time schedule. Our specialised development workflow creates the most efficient code possible.

  • 6. TESTING

    You will have the opportunity to test the app yourself during development and give us feedback until you are completely happy with the product. We use a distribution tool called ‘Testflight’ which allows us to easily install your work-in-progress app on your device over the internet.


    Whether you are distributing your app internally within your company, or you are deploying it on to the app marketplaces, we can help you achieve this as smoothly as possible. If you are planning on using MDM to distribute your app, we can also help you with this process and share our experience and expertise in this area.

  • 8. SUPPORT

    We offer a very generous grace period of 90 days after your app is deployed to fix any bugs that appear which are a direct result of our development. We will also redeploy your app at no extra charge.