3 more reasons to think about mobile apps for your business

Computers are being replaced by mobile devices – traditional PC sales are declining

As we move further into the digital age, it’s becoming very apparent that apps are not only here for the long haul, but conceivably, they could now be here to stay. Apps make our lives easier to manage and open doors to faster means of procuring everything, from the latest music to the most popular books. If you are a reputable brand online, chances are you have a branded app used for further developing your client base, managing a process or selling more products.

According to industry experts, the tablet is now well on the way to achieving its goal of effectively replacing PC’s as the ‘go to’ home technology. In 2010 when Steve Jobs announced the iPad, he predicted that they would successfully overtake PC’s as the medium of choice for home computing and more. In 2015, 320 million tablets will be sold vs. 316 million PC’s, meaning that for tablets and mobile apps, the voyage is over.

App development and presenting your products or services via a dedicated app is now considered the norm. So present it well – think about the user’s journey and make it easy to use, because people are more likely to explore and buy your products if your app is well thought out and conceived.

The UK is a mobile marketing and development leader, and has long been established as an endorser of all things digital and online.

An app is, at its core, is a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose. Their purposes are varied and cover many niches, but some of the most popular in this country are as follows with the current number of users:

1.  Google Maps: 6,419,503

2.  Yahoo! Weather: 3,567,047

3.  Facebook: 3,456,442

4.  Google Mobile: 2,554,329

5.  YouTube: 2,438,348

6.  eBay: 1,195,496

7.  Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre: 1,004,085

8.  Yahoo! Stocks: 959,289

9.  WhatsApp Messenger: 798,656

10. Sky News: 732,374

**Total Connected UK Apps Users: 8,753,197

We are now experiencing 64% smartphone saturation –  The EU average is 57%

With the popularity of modern smart phone devices on the rise, today we find ourselves falling over each other and queuing for hours on end , just to get a glimpse of the latest technologies. This year has been no different as we have all waited eagerly for iOS8, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, and the widely anticipated release of Apple’s newest technology, the Apple Watch.  

Watches promise to take our  usage of technology to an entirely new level, boasting enhanced productivity and seamless integration between apps and technologies. Perfect for completing every day tasks more efficiently and also in style.

While we need to wait until next year for the Apple Watch to arrive, there are already Android smartwatches on the market. One app that utilises the small screen incredibly well and compliments its smartphone counterpart app is ‘Allthecooks’ – a popular cooking app.  From the user’s Android smartwatch they can easily swipe between recipes and then once they pick one they like, will be presented with a list of ingredients to collect from a shop. During the cooking process they simply swipe between cards on their smartwatch to progress through the steps of the recipe. As the watch follows the user around the kitchen, they don’t have to constantly refer back to their phone or tablet for instructions as you normally would. In this situation, having a smartwatch vs a phone or tablet is actually more efficient, and there are sure to be more app experiences which can be enhanced with a smartphone app in the future.

Perhaps another 5 years from now and the smartwatch will  become the ‘go-to’ home technology whilst our iPads gather dust on the shelf?